Kathleen A. Sinnott
phone: 201-791-4975
email: kas@ksinnott.com

To contact me, please email: aboutyourresume@ksinnott.com  

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ksinnott

Skill Set

  • Product Design/Business Analysis/Process Analysis/Information Architecture (IA) — Mapping of current/future processes and flows, identifying issues and resolving problems following established guidelines, identifying areas for process/product improvement. Contributed to planning, architecture, and documenting of software development projects–working with business, clients/user community, and development teams to design appropriate solutions and timelines; performing requirements gathering & analysis; User Acceptance Testing (UAT); and data mining & analytics. Strong technical, analytic, problem solving, conceptual, and time management skills. Draft and maintain business requirements and align them with functional and technical requirements. Experience creating innovative solutions for Enterprise Product Design, Legacy/Acquisition Software Integration integration, native mobile application design, responsive software projects, and Test-driven development (TDD).

  • User Experience/User Interface Design (UX/UI)/Software Design — Create or enhance traditional, mobile, and web-based software application interfaces/processes to improve user comprehension and satisfaction, facilitate task completion, and provide intuitive access across all device types. Focus on User Centered Design, Human Factor Task Analysis, and accessibility. Mastery of web standards, user-centered design principles, deep knowledge and understanding of the software development process.

  • Web Design — Layout, navigation, style, art, code, and content for mobile content, mobile applications, traditional web sites, and web-based applications; including hand-coding HTML (all versions up to and including HTML5), CSS/SCSS (all versions up to and including CSS3), rich internet applications (RIA), Responsive/Liquid Web Design, PDF, XML, XHTML, RSS, jQuery/Angular/React, web fonts, etc. Search engine optimization (SEO) and web site analytics. Familiar with e-commerce concepts and technologies. Experience working in .Net , C#, and Java environments.

  • Compliance with Industry, Usability, and Accessibility Standards — In-depth knowledge of, and real-world practical experience applying, industry standards and best practices to process, layout, and code – including 508, ADA, EIT, etc. Also experience in evaluation of internal and third-party products for compliance, recommendation, and assistance with adjustments.

  • Graphic Design — Create original/modify existing artwork, charts, graphs, etc. for use in traditional or electronic media.

  • Content — Create/edit text for various marketing materials, technical documentation, help systems, etc.

  • Layout — Design and creation of templates, wireframes, low and hi-fidelity comps and prototypes (images or coded), style sheets, style guides, etc.

  • Early Adapter of New Technology — Stay current with developing technology and applications. Keep pace with new technologies, directions, and the latest industry trends/patterns.

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) — User-centered design, mobile-first design, responsive/flex/grid-based design, cross-browser and other technology /operating systems idiosyncrasies; web page coding, optimizing web pages for correct display in various browsers and devices, design patterns, user and task analysis, user interface design principles, industry standards and trends, technical communication, new media/technology, and related software/hardware technology.

  • Technical — Install/troubleshoot software and hardware, resolve Internet-related issues.

  • General — Detail-oriented with a proven ability to multitask. Exceptional communication skills across all lines of business, follow-up and follow-through skills. Ability to work alone or as part of a traditional or "virtual team." Taking business and customer ideas and concepts and turning them into technical reality. Comfortable working in all development environments, including: Agile, waterfall, traditional sequential development, etc. Mentor team members. Proven track record of success analyzing, defining, and overseeing requirements for advanced and complex applications, products, and/or integrations of advanced complexity. Ability to adapt and work effectively with a variety of situations, individuals, and technologies. Experience in Financial Services/Banking, HRIS/HR Services, Healthcare, eCommerce, Travel, Telecommunications, SAAS, Consulting Services, and other industries.

Employment History

Supply/Equipment Rentals & eCommerce Companies, September, 2014 - Present

Sr. UX Manager/Software Engineer

  • Engaged clients, internal users, reviewed customer support logs/emails, and SMEs to gather software requirements/business rules, and ensure alignment with across all business teams. Reviewed and verified business rules and data dictionaries – updated as needed. Performed market & competition evaluations.

  • Interviewed subject matter experts for insights into issues and problems users face with the existing functionality. Mapped workflows, process flows, task flows, and user experience patterns. Identified areas for improvement; proposed solutions meeting defined specifications and needs.

  • Designed and created deliverables such as: flow charts, wireframes, high-fidelity comps, process flows, task flows, detailed UI/UX designs, interaction models, and paper/coded prototypes for new and innovative experiences across all devices.

  • Designed responsive e-commerce-style customer self-service web application that had to work with existing public-facing site and all existing internal applications and processes; coded front-end to work across all devices; worked with back-end Java developers to tie everything together. Within 3 months of release, the new online application was bringing in 20% of sales per day and continues to trend upward.

  • Engineered new, user-centered processes and designs; translated user and business needs and technical capabilities into dynamic and innovative products/functionality that provide the best possible user experience across all devices.

  • Re-engineered existing processes to improve efficiency and reduce user error. Apply the best design aesthetics under tight deadlines, while effectively managing trade-offs between business needs and customer benefit.

  • Reviewed and analyzed user activity data to determine areas for improvement and designing the best-of-breed UX solutions.

  • Researched e-commerce framework options, vetted functionality and tool set compatibility, worked with development team to test and implement in-house.

  • Learned new e-commerce framework and template system; customized admin tool for internal user needs; created templates and custom code for new web application functionality.

  • Established UI “look and feel” and code patterns online style guide.

  • Created/maintained SCSS/CSS project files, edited front-end elements in .JSP files to fix presentation layer issues.

  • Lead redesign planning for entire site and expansion of functionality offered; ensured that everything will be fully mobile-friendly and fluid.

Solix, Inc., November, 2013 – September, 2014

Business Analyst | UI/UX Designer (Consultant)

  • Architected, designed, and developed the overall user experience and user interfaces for progressive, world-class responsive web and mobile applications that drive revenue and target market growth for clients.

  • Redesigned legacy software/web/mobile user interfaces to facilitate intuitive interaction and improve presentation of information to a variety of users while speeding up the workflow. Wrote front-end code for the mobile application.

  • Developed business requirements including scope, processes, alternatives, dependencies, flows, and risks.

  • Liaison between clients, business, and technical personnel to ensure a mutual understanding of issues, processes, and applications.

Alere Health, March, 2007 – November 2013 (formerly Paradigm Health)
Lead Software Specialist (Information Architect | Web Designer | Software Architect | Software Designer)

  • Worked with clients and business, project management, and development teams to design, enhance, and optimize existing and new functionality for internal, web-based clinical patient management applications, member portal, and mobile applications. Worked with subject matter experts and users to analyze UI performance, gaps, and opportunities for reduce click counts while ensuring that the visual design works well in multiple environments and across an integrated application ecosystem (mobile and web contexts). Drove the product design process through all phases of the product life cycle.

  • Analyzed client's business requirements and processes through document analysis, interviews, workshops, and workflow analysis.

  • Identified opportunities to transform company practices into fresh, cost-effective solutions leading to more efficient operations. For example, over the first 6 months, my redesign of the IGAO process and user interface reduced clicks by 3,367,802.

  • Designed visually rich, user-friendly interfaces for traditional web applications, mobile solutions, and responsive designs that scale across multiple product lines and applications. Applied the best design aesthetics under tight deadlines, while effectively managing trade-offs between business needs and customer benefit.

  • Created wireframes, mind maps, storyboards, site maps, interactive demos, flows, and page prototypes as needed (web and mobile). Designed and managed work and process flow documents for all internal and externally facing applications. Developed HTML5/CSS3 and found/modified JavaScript and jQuery code for files to be used by front and back-end .NET and C# developers. Participated in the app development process, created new assets as needed. Assisted with the testing of new and enhanced application functionality.

  • Defined usability, accessibility, findability, and other user-centered design best practices to be incorporated into the applications/sites. Researched new technologies; made recommendations – including web, mobile device solutions, social networking, browser-agnostic solutions, 508/ADA/EIT, etc. Tracked/researched developments/best practices in new technology (mobile development, tablet/mobile device technology, etc.), UX concepts, best practices, online trends, and provide recommendations for the team to consider. Performed usability/accessibility and user satisfaction testing, including paper prototyping test, HTML5/CSS3 prototyping testing, surveys, A/B testing, analytics review, etc.

  • Worked with insurance provider clients to design and implement customized portals for their members. These portals interact with patient management tools and in-home health devices as well as mobile devices. This included a PHR application “Care Center” for 1 million BSC members, the PHR was available to all members enrolled in any of Alere’s five DM Programs (CHF, COPD, CAD, Diabetes and Asthma, providing enhanced tools for members to manage their health, met standard accessibility standards, was customizable for all of BSC’s clients, and was available in multiple languages.


Independent Contracting, November, 2005 – March, 2007
Information Architect | Web Designer/Web Developer | UI/UX Designer (Consultant)

  • Worked with a business group to give them a way for non-technical members to update parts of their existing web site and create, distribute, and monitor email newsletter.

  • Troubleshot and resolved general site and reporting problems.

  • Performed A/B and multivariate testing for sites.

  • Managed the process for developing, communicating, and implementing the user experience and associated UI framework aligned with brand, marketing, and business objectives.

  • Defined usability and findability best practices to be incorporated into the applications/sites.

  • Developed HTML pages/screens and SCSS/CSS to be used by front-end developers

  • Worked closely with client in-house resources and their 3rd party vendors to identify and resolve web site-related issues, areas for improvement. Review and clean up of ASP.Net UI code. Design and develop UI for new functionality in the storefront.

  • Reworked print-focused PSD files, optimize them for the web, then code web pages and push them live.

  • Created wireframes, process flows, and comps for an e-commerce site that wanted to reward their regular customers with a loyalty program. Worked with 3rd party vendors to ensure code met with corporate and W3 accessibility and usability standards.

  • Worked with a wide variety of businesses to quickly prototype ideas and concepts, assisted project delivery team to move from prototype into production code, suggested innovative ideas and enhancements that met business and user needs.

  • Evaluated existing websites for a leading provider of mental health care services. Streamlined navigation and added/updated content for client information and foundation sites. Improved load times by optimizing code. Added pages that allow visitors to sign up for the e-mail newsletter, calendar of events, and cross-referenced both sites.

  • Designed and coded the front-end for a JSP-based user registration system for an online auction service. Interface blended into existing UI look-and-feel. Pages also designed to function as update tool after the user registered.

HP Financial Services, September, 1999 – November 2005
Information Architect | Web Designer/Web Developer | UI/UX Designer (Consultant)

  • Translated stakeholder requirements into over 10 different tangible deliverables such as functional specifications, user cases, user stories, workflow/process diagrams, data flow/data model diagrams.

  • Full life cycle experience: requirements, designs and prototypes, storyboards, development, system, accessibility, and user testing, deployment, maintenance. Ensure consistency, accuracy, and compliance with corporate and industry standards. Work with programmers to implement, test, and debug designs.

  • Designed and implemented interfaces/user logic for several web-based e-commerce applications (intranets, extranets, and internet) incorporating ASP, JSP, ASP.Net, XML, XHTML, DHTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Projects include: online, real time lease application tool that takes leases from origination to funding for internal staff and external resellers; integration of existing systems with single sign-on system; online consumer loan application tool including management and reporting modules; asset management tool for Fortune 500 client base, inventory management tools, created/maintained of a set of management reporting tools, selection of and migration to a portal environment as the foundation of the enterprise application framework.

  • Member of teams assigned to research and determine the feasibility of digital signature/certificate technology and portals that interact efficiently with web-based applications. Lead the initiative to define the standards for development, coding, system interfaces, user interfaces and usability while ensuring compliance for internal and external websites according to HP standards.

  • Worked with enterprise architecture team to implement Plumtree portal (which became BEA AquaLogic, which is now an Oracle product) as the enterprise development framework. Customized entire user interface (UI) to meet W3 and corporate standards. Established UI coding standards and examples. Evaluate internal and third-party products for compliance, recommend and assist with adjustments to code.

  • Created prototypes at different levels of fidelity: paper, wireframe, prototype code, through final code. Develop and run usability testing.

  • Added/modified corporate web site pages as required.

  • Received Recognition Awards for work done on Online Consumer Loan and Paperless Leasing projects.

Software Experience

(*used within the last 12 months)

Web Development:

  • ASP*, ASP.NET*

  • Adobe Brackets*

  • Adobe Dreamweaver (Adobe CS6, CC, and earlier)* (formerly Macromedia)

  • Adobe Experience Design*

  • Atom*

  • Angular*, Handlebars*, Javascript*,Jquery,* React*

  • Browsers/Dev & Debug Tools (Chrome*, Dolphin*, Firebug*, Firefox*, Microsoft Internet Explorer*, MS Edge*, Opera*)

  • CSS3/SCSS*


  • JavaServer Pages (JSP)*

  • Jenkins*

  • Jetbrains IntelliJ* and Webstorm*

  • Macaw*

  • Microsoft .Net*

  • Microsoft Visual Studio*

  • Pinegrow*

  • Phonegap

  • Plumtree (AquaLogic)

  • Prepos*

  • Progress WebSpeed

  • SmartFTP*

  • Squarespace*

  • Sublime Text3

  • Subversion

  • Team Foundation Server (TFS)

  • Tomcat 8*

  • WS_FTP Pro*


  • Adobe Bridge (CS6, CC, and earlier)*

  • Adobe Illustrator (Adobe CS6, CC, and earlier)*

  • Adobe ImageReady (CS5 and earlier)

  • Adobe Photoshop (Adobe CS6, CC, and earlier)*

  • Adobe Premiere

  • Adobe Scene7*

  • Axure*

  • CorelDraw!*

  • Adobe Flash (CS6 and earlier)

  • Adobe Fireworks (Adobe CC, CS6, and earlier)* (formerly Macromedia)

  • Painter

  • Paint Shop Pro*

  • Pinegrow*

  • Picasa*

  • SnagIt*


  • aDesigner

  • Bobby/Wave

  • Fangs

  • IBM Home Page Reader*


  • Adobe Acrobat Professional
    (CS6 and earlier)*

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader*

  • Adobe InDesign (CS6 and earlier)*

  • Camtasia*

  • Confluence*

  • Google Docs, Draw, Drive, Forms, Slides, Sheets*

  • MadCap Flare

  • Microsoft Access

  • Microsoft Excel*

  • Microsoft PowerPoint*

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • Microsoft Word*

  • MindJet MindManager*

  • Quark XPress

  • RoboHelp/RoboHelp Office

  • WordPerfect

  • Visio*


  • Android*

  • iOS*

  • Mac/iOS*

  • Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP*, Windows 7*, Windows 8/8.1*, Windows 10*

  • UNIX


  • Adobe Type Manager

  • Adobe Streamline

  • Asymetrix ToolBook

  • Broadleaf Commerce*

  • Easy CD-Pro

  • Emmet

  • Evernote*

  • Fireclick

  • Git/GitHub*

  • Google Adwords*, Analytics*, Checkout* & Website Optimizer*

  • GoToMeeting, WebEx

  • Gtalk/Hangouts*, AIM, ICQ, Hipchat*, MSN, Yahoo Messenger*, Jabber, Lync, Slack*, Skype*, Zoom*

  • HyperCam

  • IETester*

  • JIRA

  • LaGarde StoreFront

  • Lint*

  • Microsoft OneNote*

  • Nero

  • Optimost

  • QuickTime

  • SourceTree*

  • Teamviewer*

  • Thymeleaf*

  • UltraEdit/UltraCompare*

  • Website Wacker

  • Zeplin*


B.A. Liberal Arts—Business Communications

Stockton State Collage, Pomona, NJ