Keeping Your Pets Safe During the Holidays: Thanksgiving

For a lot of people, Thanksgiving is THE holiday of the year, and there are lots of reasons why: good food, football, fun with friends and family, etc.

But it is also important to remember to keep our pets in mind on this big day. Keeping them safe lets everyone enjoy the holiday fun!

For a great set of tipe, please visit: AVMA: Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Bailey Turned 10 Years Old!

Several years ago, when we were just figuring out just how sick the pupster is, we weren’t sure we’d ever reach this milestone. But, thanks to a team of experts that include her amazing vet and dedicated dog walkers, here she is, letting me know that 1 hour of pool fun was not long enough and that as Birthday Girl what she says goes…

Bailey loves her pool time!

Bailey loves her pool time!

Kasel Associates Industries Recalling Certain Pet Treats Due to Salmonella Contamination Boots and Barkley, Colorado Naturals, Nature’s Deli among brands affected

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that Kasel Associates Industries Inc. is recalling all pet treats it manufactured from April 20 through Sept. 19, 2012 due to potential contamination with Salmonella. Kasel has issued three previous recall notices for specific products manufactured during this time period. This includes products from: Kasel Boots and Barkley, BIXBI, Colorado Naturals, Nature’s Deli, K9 Chicken, and TDBBS, Inc among brands affected. These were sold at/by: Petco, Kasel, Menards, BIXBI, Target, Nutri-Vet, Sam’s Club, Costco, and TDBBS, Inc/Best Bully Sticks. Get the details here:

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month!

Get tips and info about Responsible Pet Owners Month:How to Participate in Responsible Pet Owner Month Another thing to consider - tracking your dog’s health! If your pet is healthy, documenting what’s normal will help you and your vet clearly identify when things take a bad turn. If your dog has health issues, tracking will help you better manage his/her care! Check out for an easy, online tracking tool that you can use from your browser, Android, or iOS device (iPad, iPhone, etc.). Oh, and did I mention that it’s free?

Don't forget, February Is National Pet Dental Health Month!

Have questions about brushing your pet’s teeth?Want to learn more about brushing your pet’s teeth? Check this out: Learn more:

For us, the winning combo was a flavored dog toothpaste that Bailey loves (don’t use human toothpaste, it’s not safe for pets!), and the finger toothbrush (see below).

This is our fav!

These are handy too!

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

Did you know that April isNational Pet First Aid Awareness Month?

Pet Events Calendar Updated

In case you were wondering, or if you just are looking for things to do now that the weather has turned oh-so-wonderful, I’ve updated the Pet Event Calendar. Have fun!