Day 1 With The Microsoft Band 2

Funny how things work out. Last night I went to the mall to help a friend who is looking to buy a tablet, and I ended up coming home with this: the Microsoft Band 2.

And no, she did not buy a tablet last night, but we did narrow down the ones she’s thinking about!

How Did This Happen?

Now, of course, this wasn’t really an impulse buy. I’ve wanted to try out an Android wearable for a while now. The problem is, each one I’ve tried on looked ridiculous on me and/or was uncomfortable to wear. So when I saw the new Microsoft Band 2 announced, I thought it might be a better option for me.

Reading up on the Band 2, I found that while it doesn’t offer everything that the other Android wearables can do - for example, the voice option only works with Windows Cortana and there’s no way to use Google Maps - it does offer far more than just the usual “fitness bands.”

Since one of the tablets my friend wanted to look at was the Surface Pro 4, we stopped into the Microsoft Store. And after giving her the hands-on tour of the Surface Pro, then spending some quality time with the Surface Book (I tried not to drool, much, but not sure I succeeded. I *really* wouldn’t mind if Santa brought me one of those!), we wandered over to the Band 2 display. You know, just to try one on…

It was good to try them on. Based on what I had read online, I thought the medium would fit me the best, but it turned out that the small was a perfect fit. They didn’t have many small ones left, so I asked the clerk to hold on to one for me for an hour while I thought it over. Which he kindly agreed to.

Getting Started

We went off to finish the tablet search, then headed back to the Microsoft Store so I could buy the Band. Yea, I know, big surprise, right?

Setting up the Band didn’t take long at all. And since it was partially charged, I was able to get it fully charged before bedtime, so I decided to wear it to bed to see how the sleep tracking worked.

I’m not used to wearing a watch to bed, so I wasn’t sure if I would be comfortable wearing the Band to bed. It felt weird but not so much that I couldn’t sleep, so it’s possible that I’ll get used to it.

First Data Reported

In the morning the Band was still almost fully charged, a good sign. The sleep tracker reported that I’d slept a little over 6 hours, not the 8 I thought I’d gotten, and that I’d woken up 9 time (I thought it was 4 times) with a efficiency of 85%. It’s going to be interesting to see how that trends over the next 2 weeks that I’ve set out to try sleeping with the Band on.

After a full day with the Band on, messing with it more than I will need to in the future adjusting things like brightness, how I make it display the time, etc., I still have almost 50% power left. I’m not going to charge it before going to sleep. We’ll see what, if any, power is left in the morning.

More to come…