An Easy Way To Make Customer Service Easy

Everyone says that they want to offer excellent customer service, and most-often think that they do. But when they find out that customers are unhappy there is a laundry list of reasons why “it’s not our fault.”

It’s Not That Hard to Make Your Customer Happy

Seriously, I can give you one easy step to turn those customer grumbles into customer grins. Heck, those unhappy customers will start signing your praises. You just need to do One Little Thing.

And I’m such a sweetheart, I won’t even charge you for this secret. Yep, I’m that wonderful!

OK, got your pen and notebook ready? Do you maybe want to sit down for this?

Follow up

When you say you are going to do something, DO IT. For example, if you tell a customer that you will put a note on their prescription to hold it until the customer can get in to pick it up, DO IT.

When you tell a customer that you will look into a problem/request/etc. and let them know - DO IT. Check out what needs to be researched, and contact the customer with the information right away. If it turns out that it will take longer than you thought, contact the customer to let them know you are working on it; that you did not forgot them.

Go on, give this a try. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised at the results.