Beware of Pet Flippers

It’s called “Pet Flipping’ and this scary topic is starting to show up in the news all too often. Flippers find a lost pet, claim a lost pet that, or even steal a pet from a yard or park, and then sell it.

What can a pet caregiver do? Well, for starters:

  • keep an eye on your pet at all times - at the park, while shopping or dining at a pet-friendly location, or even in your own yard
  • be aware if someone at the park or someone you meet out on a walk shows too much interest in your dog, things like “how much does a dog like that cost” can be a warning sign
  • not leave your pet unattended - don’t tie them outside a store while you “run in for a minute,” don’t leave them in the car, don’t leave them along outside your home
  • get your pets microchipped to make identifying/claiming them easier