Happy 9th Birthday, Bailey!

Pictures of Bailey Then and Now

Today is my furry roommate’s 9th birthday! While birthdays are always a good reason for a celebration, each of Bailey’s birthdays come with an extra level of happy because there was a time when I didn’t know if we’d get to enjoy this many happy days.

There have been health-related scary times, and new health problems have arisen, but for today at least we put those aside and did everything we could to make the day special. There were naps, special meals and treats, time spent doing her favorite things (at least the ones we could safely do in such heat!), and many presents to open (wrapped, of course, since tearing paper is one of the best parts for Bailey!).

Many, many thanks to MB VanWart for the awesome First Meeting and First Day Home photos. I’ve been flipping through them all with a big smile on my face. Such great memories!